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Italy’s most popular destinations: We have travelled throughout Italy and are pleased to bring you a handpicked selection of beautiful villas with pools in our favourite places


If you’re looking for a beach holiday in Italy, your destination has to be no other than Sardinia. As the second largest island in the Med and surrounded by azure blue waters, Sardinia is an island paradise which offers beautiful beaches, a world of outdoor adventures and timeless historical charm. This autonomous island off the Italian peninsula is divided into four provinces, each one interesting and unique, and each one dotted with archaeological remains which are the window into the country’s faraway past.

Rome / Lazio

The Lazio region is without a doubt Italy’s most famous region. Such global renown is due entirely to the country’s beautiful yet frantic capital city of Rome. As the cradle of all civilisation, Rome is one of the most remarkable capitals on the planet – and in elegance and excitement it doesn’t disappoint – but by no means does this single city define the region alone. Those with the luxury of time should venture outwards, into the verdant mountains and the tranquil lakes in the rest of Lazio’s untarnished scenery.

Veneto / Prosecco

Veneto is quite possibly Italy’s most romantic region; how could it be denied such title when the region is home to the most romantic city in the world? The one and only, Venice. The city of marble palaces, never-ending canals and gondolas that come complete with serenade. Yet, a Venetian romance is but a small part of the region’s charm.


Off the foot of the Italian boot stands the Mediterranean’s largest island, Sicily. With over 25,000 kilometres of land to call its own, and as the polygonal crossroad between Europe and Africa, it’s no wonder that Sicilians dance along to their own melody; a melody which differs from any other region of Italy.


Forming the high heel of Italy’s boot, Puglia (otherwise known as Apulia) is Italy’s Southern gem. With sun-soaked panoramas and lush green landscapes, this lesser known region is a hidden secret for those in the know. Escaping the rest of the country in its picturesque peninsula, and bearing a conquered past in the hands of the Turks, the Greeks and the Spanish, Puglia has formed its own very unique, very remarkable, and very distinct identity.

Lakes & Mountains

The Italian Lake District is quite possibly Italy’s most desirable destination. Both Ezra Pound and Alfred Tennyson wrote about the Italian Lakes in their poetry, and to this day the area upholds its prominence as one of the most stylish holiday resorts in the world. Attracting fashionable crowds with a lust for life, the stunning lakes of Garda, Como, Maggiore, Lugano and Iseo provide a lavish setting for the rich and famous.

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most famous and beautiful stretches of coastline in the world. It goes without saying that this Italian gem is mesmerising in its beauty, all consuming in its appeal. But for travellers looking for more than just mind-blowing aesthetics, there’s so much more to the Amalfi Coast than its peripheral. Beautiful Italian cuisine, five star luxury villas, boutique and designer shopping, and perhaps rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, the Amalfi Coast sings for the traveller who wants it all.


Umbria is the only region of Italy without coastline or border with another country. For that alone, the region is completely unique. Lodged between Tuscany, Le Marche and Lazio, Umbria is the heart (and soul) of Italy. And although it doesn’t have the architectural sights of Florence like neighbouring Tuscany, the hustle and bustle of Rome like neighbouring Lazio, or the glamorous beaches of coastal Le Marche, Umbria boasts outstanding natural beauty that should not be overlooked.


Tuscany is no stranger to tribute or applause. It’s no novice to tourism or success. And it’s certainly no neophyte when it comes to luxury. And we can certainly vouch for that here at Bridgewater’s Idyllic Italy. There’s probably no need to tell you about how beautifully sublime this famous region is because the likelihood is, you already know. As one of the Italy’s most desirable destinations, and with travel writers depicting nothing but heavenly perfection, there’s really nothing more we can add other than “it’s all true”.

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